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Boom Boom Brosmind

3D prototype pieces I did for Brosmind exhibition in Taipei.
INCEPTION team / Taipei / 2018
The first solo show of the Mingarro brothers in Asia and their biggest until date. It took place in the Zhongzheng district, Taipei, from July 7th to September 9th. The event consisted of a retrospective exhibition compiling works from the last 10 years of the studio plus new exclusive pieces created for the occasion. Apart from the most well-know commercial and personal projects, there were different sections dedicated to the personal background of the brothers, the different stages of the creative process and their daily life at their Barcelona based studio. As usual in Brosmind expos, interaction is an important feature. The visitors were able to play videogames, visit the space riding the Brosmind motorbikes, take a selfie with one of the sculptures, get into a frankfurter car or become one of the ingredients of a huge sandwich.
Photos by Howard Chiang and INCEPTION team