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Clash Royale - Little Prince

Supercell Clash Royale Art&Creative Director: Julio Lopez
Gameplay, VFX and tech implementation: Julio Lopez
Ocellus Art team: Concept refine, Lookdev, Posing and Lighting
OG concept by Loysha
- - - -
Ocellus team:
Art director: Anya Mozharovska
Lead character design: Robin ‘nonamenosocks’ Herrmann
Lead lookdev and lighting: Bruno Macedo da Silva
Lead rig: Justine Viel
Lead animation: Justin Jackson
Director of animation: David Encinas
- -
Character design: Guillaume ‘Saindoo’ Duchemin
Character sculpt: Damien Levaufre and Mariano Tazzioli
LookDev: Marcos Falcão and Bruno Macedo da Silva
Rig: Mike Spokas
Posing: Théo Cumin
Pose sculpt: Mariano Tazzioli
Lighting: Marcos Falcão and George Damiani