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Heal Spirit – Clash Royale

Clash Royale “The Heist” Season 10 featuring Heal Spirit!

Finally is live!! My first experience as part of the amazing clash royale team!! I had the pleasure to design and modeling Heal Spirit launched in Heist season 10 as a remake of the famous Heal Spell. Hope you enjoy the new card and of course the character! Enjoy the amazing TV Royale Video!

Thanks to all the support Royale team, Supercell and special mention for the feedback from Brice Laville, Patrick Almgren, Aleksei Kalibin and Jonathan Dower.
Special thanks for the shading and rendering: Kustaa Vuori
Rigging: Wilhelm Tigerstedt
Animation: Antti Ripatti
Graphic Design: Nadya Volchetskaya
Ui Design: Lauri Warsta

Concept I design during the research

Concept I design during the research

❌ WE'RE DELETING A CARD ❌ ...and adding a new one! 😲 Clash Royale